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Vanesa Facial Mist


Mineral Mist Rose Toner Moisturizing White Moisturizing Cooling Skin VANESA Facial Mist 100ml (new version)

1. Product features VANESA Facial Mist soothing moisturizing mist, white moisturizing rose toner for all skin 100ml:

– Pure mineral water, nitrogen helps to increase the moisture intensity of the skin by 10% – 20%.

– Vanesa mineral spray contains 100% natural ingredients, so it does not cause eye irritation or irritation for sensitive skin, rich in trace elements and minerals with soothing properties.

– Rose extract helps balance the skin’s pH and unclog pores. Does not create an oily layer, so if you have acne or sensitive skin, it is completely safe to use.

– Helps skin retain its freshness and softness in air-conditioned environments, hot and dry climates.

– Capacity: 100ml

2. Instructions for use VANESA Facial Mist moisturizing makeup mist, white moisturizing rose toner for all skin 100ml:

– Use after cleanser to balance the pH of the skin.

– Spray an appropriate amount, spread evenly on the face, pat gently to absorb the rose water evenly into the skin

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