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Ingredients of Vanesa BB Cream Roller makeup

  • Extracted from 6-year-old fermented red ginseng, supplementing nutrients from deep inside to help skin become healthier.
  • Extract from Ganoderma lucidum (Adenosin): brightens the skin through the action of eliminating cells containing Melanin (the factor that causes melasma, freckles and dark spots due to environmental influences and daily activities of children). In addition, Adenosine increases the production of ellastin and collagen fibers to help reduce sagging, increase blood circulation in the skin, repair damage and fill wrinkles. It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant.
  • Vitamin E (tocopheryrl acetate): Promotes healthy skin (such as moisturizing and preventing wrinkles)

+ Makeup files into natural skin

+ Broad spectrum sun protection. Protects skin from UVA/UVB . rays

+ Perfect concealer

+ Creamy, lightweight, waterproof, not oily

+ Prevent wrinkles, anti-aging for skin

Step 1: Wash your face thoroughly with cleanser to wash away dead cells and dirt remaining on the skin. Keep skin dry and clean.

+ Step 2: To moisturize and maintain moisture for the skin, you should use a little more rose water.

+ Step 3: Apply cream by dabbing a pea-sized amount of cream on forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and spread evenly in a T-shape.

+ Step 4: To avoid uneven skin tone of the neck and face, you should apply a thin layer of cream in the neck area.

+ Step 5: Remove makeup by using a cotton towel soaked in a little makeup remover and wipe evenly on the face. Then wash your face with a moisturizing cleanser.

+ Customers looking for a high-coverage makeup cream that completely covers imperfections

+ Customers want to improve aging skin, anti-sagging

+ Customers looking for sunscreen products

+ U25+ and above

Trọng lượng 100 g

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